JOSAI University Educational Corporation Tokyo Kioicho Campus

Spread over several heavily populated areas close to Kasumigaseki and Nagatacho, where space is limited and land cost is extremely high, Josai University Kioicho campus is an exercise in space efficiency. The facilities and buildings are integrated into a network, where students can join and meet. Cafeterias and libraries are designed to double as learning spaces and campus commons. Along the corridor, students gather in small alcove spaces. Outside, terraces, roof tops and semi-open spaces contribute to widening student activities. Carpet on the ceilings and floors of classrooms and corridors reduces reverberation and absorbs the inevitable noise, allowing students to concentrate on lectures and discussions. Lighter color carpet brightens spaces, saving energy without increasing illumination. The acoustic and visual design benefits are undeniable in the comfort and liveliness of the space.


Tokyo, Japan

Design Firm

Nikken Sekkei Ltd


  • Higher Education
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    2014 Design Award Final Winner