Exponential growth of this video game company led Ludia to expand its workspace to the floor above. In a creative field where attracting talent and staff retention are priorities, the design team was mandated to create an artists’ workshop. The new design creates a link between two floors and speaks to the playful workplace culture. Minimal design is enhanced by vibrant colors, distinguishing between work space and relaxation areas. Diverse formal and informal collaborative spaces allow access to different technologies. The lounge is the new heart of the company's social life, designed with a mix of playful kitsch and retro flavors. On the floor, 18x18 LVT in a matte finish was chosen to withstand the conditions of the historic building. Competitive pricing, ease of access to inventory, and the reputation for quality were strong considerations during specification. The selection of this product made it possible to meet the criteria of durability, maintenance and aesthetics while respecting the design budget.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Design Firm

For. Design Planning


  • Small Office
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    2015 Design Award Category Winner