Microsoft's new Conference Centre had to be special. It had to have state of the art user friendly technological interface, but also a fun and casual place to exchange, learn and inspire innovation. Metaphore Design was more than happy to take on the challenge. After intense soul searching of the Microsoft soul, and careful needs analysis , we developed a layout and design concept that generated considerable excitement from the Microsoft project team. The end result is a 4,000 sq. foot space encompassing 6 meeting rooms of various sizes, and a Training facility to accommodate 100 people.

Organically illuminated and washed in natural light, this 4,000 square-foot conference center features leading technology within its six meeting rooms and attached training facility. A neutral palette and intense color is used to brand and engage. Sleek organic shapes greet visitors, who have the option to relax or exchange conversation between sessions. The charcoal and white palette adds contrast throughout the space.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Design Firm

Metaphore Design


  • Small Office
  • Collection

    On The Edge

    Products Used

    minimal tile
    vertical edge tile


    2015 Design Award Final Winner