Microsoft Chevy Chase Sales Office

The project is an in-place redesign consolidating space from five to three floors with a substantial material refresh. The sales office is a combination of client-facing conference center space and home for the federal sales team located in Chevy Chase, MD. The space was reshaped to facilitate the use of mobile technology and promote collaboration to support real-time meetings. This was achieved by creating centralized social spaces, interactive circulation, with the opportunity to individualize workspaces. The design focused on connecting employees through the use of park-like collaborative spaces that provide privacy and flexibility which created small unique neighborhoods within the open office. This concept became the heart of the design and provides employees with greater privacy from main circulation routes into neighborhoods, while maintaining access to natural light and a connection between the neighborhoods to foster community. The design team’s challenge was to not only create a unique, energetic workplace through the use of existing and new materials, but to create a completely new aesthetic anchored by a color changing LED portal adjacent a two-story feature wall. The finishes provide a robust palette to distinguish all collaboration spaces while maintaining a unified design language with the use of salvaged wood, pearlescent paint, stained concrete and directional ceiling elements. The client values dynamic spaces that spark creativity, and the result is a harmonious design that is warm, welcoming and bristling with energy and precise attention to detail.

As one enters the suite from the elevator lobby, the carpet and ceiling patterns both play a significant role in how the space is experienced. The design intent was to have both of these elements dictate the circulation path from the corridors and into the different sectors within the open work space. The carpet tile was used in a mix of herringbone, brick, and ashlar patterns in order to better capture the movement necessary to lead visitors from the corridors and workstation zones and into the different park-like collaborative spaces. A mix of the Drift Recharge and Drift Breeze were used in the corridors and workstation areas which then smoothly transitions into Renew Breeze as one approaches the park-like collaborative spaces. This allows for a subtle variation of color and texture while maintaining a degree of playfulness in tonalities and patterns throughout the floor. The dynamic pattern brings energy and excitement to the newly renovated office.

Our materials selection met the client’s branding and sustainable guidelines. The design team also utilized existing environmental buying agreements negotiated by the client.


Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

Design Firm



  • Large Office
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    The Park

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    drift tile
    renew tile


    2017 Design Award Category Winner