Monash International Bachelor of Business City Campus

The Monash University Bachelor of International Business project brief mandated a new design premise that challenges the preconception of traditional tertiary teaching spaces. The brief called for visionary space-planning and a diverse facility that allows teaching and learning to occur in an innovative and flexible way. The design and planning solution led to organic, sinuous forms that wrap and counteract harsh, irregular base building elements. Flooring selections work harmoniously throughout the diverse spaces, each with a unique identity, from subtle sophistication to stimulating and vibrant. Through pattern and color, the design team blurred the thresholds between spaces, reinforcing a flexible and free-flowing nature. To make each learning space feel different, distinct colors were prescribed. Different tones of the same color create an intensity at the center of the room that dissipates toward the perimeter. The result is a unique urban campus that provides a balance of sophistication and fun in a flexible environment, complementing Monash’s vision and philosophy for the International Business program.


Melbourne, Australia

Design Firm

Jackson Clements Burrows


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    plane hexagon


    2015 Design Award Final Winner