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The client purchased a building that required renovation and repositioning to meet their needs. The newly renovated space now includes a five-story stair for connectivity of all employees, a rooftop terrace and green roof, outdoor patio/terrace, hardscape and softscape, conferencing center and large central communal zones on each floor, and a complete renovation of interior with café/dining. With new brand identification, the resulting design is fresh, energetic, mobile and collaborative. The new facility was designed to offer employees a variety of space types to work within by varying furniture configurations and styles to allow for multiple meeting types. Integrating technology and basic tools such as writable surfaces encourages employees to interact in these open areas. The typical floors are set up to accommodate “permanent residents” while also providing “hoteling” space for visitors and telecommuters. The idea of hoteling and telecommuting was imperative since the new building footprint is roughly 1/3 the size of what it was. The design intent was to “transform the workplace,” creating an indoor/outdoor experience. Spaces within the landscape play a pivotal role in the extension of the indoor program to the outdoor environment, with a collection of layered design elements that compliment architectural components of the building’s interior. The project has over 8,000 square feet of extensive green roof planting which makes the green roof not only functional from a storm water management aspect, but it enhances the beauty of the roof top terrace, embracing the indoor/outdoor connection and providing alternative work environments.

The flooring was used to define areas within the space. Pause tile was used throughout the office, with pops of color for the smaller meeting rooms. The carpet tile color in the meeting rooms corresponded to the themed color for each floor, whether that be red, green, yellow, etc. The colors on the floor tie into the color highlighted on each floor, as seen in the furniture and wall features. The colored wall features in the small meeting rooms were inspired by a home's roof shingles, circling back to the brand's logo and product's making the home a better place.



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    2017 Design Award Category Winner