Employees and teams will have to show initiative. This requires a limited organization format, low impact management and a high degree of feedback in the organization. In such a change is the journey as important as the result. First floor is a place to relax, work and meet in an informal setting. By creating island in the floor, minimal use of wall we created an open modern client city, the place to be. On the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floor are the workplaces. There is activity - related workplaces and the number of workstations is less than there are people. Open and closed spaces alternate. At the same time, resting in the appearance is necessary. Spheres are determined for each floor or group workplaces. The open floors stimulate employees to collaborate and communicate more.

By making islands in the open space we've created different sites with different activities. In the offices, we have used the floor with different colours to mark the routing and orientate the way finding. The grey area is for work places, and the colours are the hallway.

Creating a healthy and transparent environment for the people who work in the building. Choosing materials which have a minimal environmental impact. The client has chosen suppliers who guaranteed to retrieve and recycle all the products when discarded or not needed any more.


Den Haag, Netherlands

Design Firm

Bureau 070


  • Large Office
  • Collection

    Hand Drawn
    Color At Work

    Products Used

    achromatic tile
    duotone tile
    value tile
    lineweight tile
    fine point tile


    2017 Design Award Category Winner