The design involved the fit-out of an existing 7 Storey naturally ventilated office block by other architects. The key design objectives arose from the nature of the building, particularly the plan layout and HVAC strategy. The fit-out was defined by a long narrow floor plan, subdivided by circulation and toilet cores and capable of being sub-let into 3 separate tenancies on each level. The main challenges stemmed from the need to create a sense of a single organisation and a connection between disparate areas with a total workspace spread across 17 separate plates. A mix of cellular and open plan spaces were required on each level without compromising the buildings cooling strategy, increasing its energy consumption or affecting its unique aesthetic. In order to resolve these challenges, we examined the building stack and separated the public and technical vertical circulation into separate cores. We altered the public face of the building by locating the primary public spaces around and above the reception. We bridged across the reception linking the training centre to the recruitment fuel zone, animating the atrium space. The restaurant connects through the reception and links into an amphitheatre for town halls creating an exciting public experience. Movement and interaction between floors was achieved by developing a hierarchy of collaboration and social spaces, breaking them down by type and size. These were mapped against the building section to ensure the overall provision was evenly distributed, but that larger social spaces were appropriately located to encourage traffic between levels.

"Collaboration" is at the core of the Novartis BSC's activity and purpose, and became critical to the design strategy. The design focused on the balance between open-plan office, collaboration and meeting space and responded to the clients' desire for colourful and inspiring collaboration spaces and relaxing and fun ancillary spaces such as the restaurant, café and wintergarden. This design intent has resulted in a building which is consistent in terms of its approach to office culture, to the environment and to the provision of light and views, but visually diverse.


Dublin, Ireland

Design Firm

Henry J. Lyons Architects


  • Large Office
  • Collection

    Light Series

    Products Used

    absorbed tile
    applied tile
    visible tile
    vibrant tile