Now, located at 100 First Street in the heart of downtown San Francisco and the epicenter of growth, the office successfully captures Okta’s mantra. “[Okta] leadership wanted the new space to invigorate the staff in their new home and make it feel active,” says Agnes Pietraszek, Senior Designer from IA. The ethereal space spans 10 floors and includes 161 meeting rooms, an all-hands space for 250+ employees, a 450 sq. ft. lobby, three cafes with varying menus and “Connect Everything” interactive portals for collaborating with other Okta offices across the globe.
“It was important that Okta employees and visitors be inspired to travel throughout the vertical space,” says Pietraszek. “And that we provided moments of discovery and play.” To achieve this, IA created a dynamic light path that travels through all 10 floors to represent Okta’s motto and connect the vertical spaces. Through gradient accent colors, graphics, lighting and flooring upward travel is encouraged. “Design gestures repeat on each floor but evolve and change so that each floor is a unique experience,” says Pietraszek. We prioritized incorporating this nod into the design of the flooring, including in the finishes. The accent threads in the Shaw Contract Turn and Dash tiles coordinated with the accent color of the respective floors, to subtly tie the space together and help with clear wayfinding. “The Shaw Contract Active collection spoke to the vibrant, energized nature of Okta’s new headquarters design,” says Pietraszek.
Indeed, the playful nature of the Turn tile spoke to the dynamic light path that cuts through the stack, climbing up walls and turning into the ceiling. Finding it was part of the successful partnership between Shaw Contract and IA. The finished space has a light and energy about it that never quits and perfectly exemplifies the “Connect Everything” notion.


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IA Interior Architects


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