One Workplace Headquarters and Showroom

For its new headquarters and showroom, One Workplace wanted to create a leading-edge, world class workplace. The design team collaborated with the client to combine an existing stand-alone, mid-century office building with a neighboring warehouse to create 35,000 sf office, showroom, and workspace. It was an exercise in metrics for the economy of efficiency, downsizing share footage while increasing staff from 101 to 165 by reducing workstation foot print and moving the majority of the sales team to a mobile work flow. Featured prominently, the mezzanine structure in the middle of the showroom serves multiple functions while serving as an observation platform that allows members of the One Workplace team to quickly survey the floor and show customers each product in action. On the Edge carpet tiles add visual texture and a sense of movement to the space, which heightens showroom energy and helps to break up the large open spaces. The resulting project embraces the industrial location, using it as creative fuel for forward-thinking innovation.


Santa Clara, California, USA

Design Firm

Design Blitz


  • Midsize Office
  • Collection

    On The Edge

    Products Used

    vertical edge tile
    minimal tile
    colour plank tile
    tru colours tile


    2014 Design Award Category Winner