Orlando International Airport - Intermodal Terminal Facility

This facility will serve in connecting visitors/passengers to the Main Terminal, similar to those that connect the existing gates now and also accommodate the South APM and up to three regional rail systems (SunRail, Brightline, and possibly a third system serving the International Drive/Convention Center area). It will also support ground transportation activity including taxis, shuttle buses and public bus operations.

The flooring for the facility was developed to interpret Central Florida, expressing indigenous elements that truly speak of this area. These images, the design team felt perfectly align with this vision. Abundant fresh water springs and lush vegetation found throughout the Central Florida area make our region truly unique:

Sky: the cloud shapes and hues are reflected off the clear spring water.

Garden: the flora found in the central Florida eco systems infuse pops of color.

Water: the clarity of the spring water allows one to view the vegetation at the bottom and provides a layering of scenery and an “other worldly” effect.

The carpet the design team named “Liquid Fern”, is an interpretation of an underwater spring garden, an indigenous Central Florida ecosystem. As our concept evolved the fern and watery wave elements enhanced the extreme performance characteristics required in this environment. The carpet yarn twists in the dark blues, greens and yellows form a very dense multi-level loop that withstand crushing and extreme ware. Additionally, these colors create a visual texture that helps hide staining. As you view the carpet one can see the surface ripples of the water overlaying the vegetation. The wave feature leads the eye helping to hide staining.


Orlando, Florida, USA

Design Firm

Ramski & Company