Phoenix Symphony Hall

Phoenix Symphony Hall is home to the Phoenix Symphony, Arizona Opera and Ballet Arizona. The owner’s design objective was to replace existing worn carpet with a custom carpet that reflected the essence of the Arizona landscape and worked with the existing Navajo inspired artworks. It was equally important that the carpet withstand the venue’s rigors of high traffic volume and the wear of rolling carts, scissor lifts and frequent food spills. Custom Yarn Placement digital tufting capabilities were essential to meet the design, budget and delivery lead time needs. Yarn choice and backing performance were critical for maximizing the owner’s investment. Faced with many challenges and setbacks in bringing the complex design to fruition, the design team worked closely with Shaw Contract, exploring the capacity of the CYP loom. The resulting design is a truly memorable and unique signature piece for the City of Phoenix and a reinvigoration of Phoenix Symphony Hall. The carpet winds its way through the space ebbing and flowing with the architecture just as the monsoon storm waters weave their way through desert washes. It is a reflection of the vibrant layers within Arizona’s canyons and washes, a celebration of the movement of music and dance.


Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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