Post Plaza

The original building is a post office built in 1908. The project objective of the client was to create a charming city boutique hotel with an international standard in combination with an amazing and easy accessable grand-café for the locals. We created a eclectic interior with lots of respect to the original building and all kind of subtle references to the former post office. We even made a poem as a tribute to the postman above the entrance in Dutch and in the local language Fries.

In our prospective the Dye Lab tiles are extremely suitable to the project because it's a combination of great quality, very usable because of it's covering dirty spots property, acceptable costs and a extraordinary look. It makes a great connection from the existing building to the former post office. The Cutch color brings something extra and contemporary to the old interior of the Plug hall. But the great thing is that it's contemporary but has also classic and classy elements.


Leeuwarden, Netherlands

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Stars Design bv


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    2016 Design Award Final Winner