Rabobank Adviescentrum Amerstreek

Challenged with unifying two organizations, designers looked to local people and culture for inspiration, along with the nearby Dutch riverscape. Warm red, taupe and green shades create a homey, welcoming vibe. In the public lobby, three small houses bring the brand image to life.These became central in the working area Transparent office walls feature leaf-patterned panel curtains for privacy. Stain resistant Shaw carpet tiles are playfully placed in the atrium, archives and offices, improving acoustics of the building. Photography by Hans van Ommeren from Woerden are central to the workspaces. Identities of the respective companies are clearly reflected in the interior,and wishes of both clients have been fulfilled.


Tiel, Netherlands

Design Firm

Annekoos Little Interieurarchitecten BNI


  • Large Office
  • Collection


    Products Used

    blur tile
    overlay tile
    colour plank tile


    2013 Design Award Category Winner