Science Pyramid

The Science Pyramid is an educational pavilion that teaches visitors about plants, flowers, climates, ecosystems, and more. Drawing inspiration from nature, the design concept includes micro and macro systems of Biomimicry, imitating the behavior of natural elements in a changing environment. Like the micro system of a beehive's hexagonal membrane, the building’s facade shelters the interior of the pyramid in the same way a honeycomb shelters and protects the interior of the hive, protecting the young bees and honey supply. The adaptive roof system protects the interior from rain, sun and snow. A layer of rain screen layer allows for the building to breathe, releasing a flow of hot air that aids in cooling the building. The macro system is represented as shifting and colliding tectonic plates, influencing the shape and positioning of the pyramid. Hexagon carpet tiles create a seamless transition into the exhibit space with no prescribed path, allowing visitors to wander freely through the space. The beautiful non-directional gradient pattern, plays off this freedom of movement, which is a natural fit for the design concept. The pyramid emerges from the earth twisting toward the sky, expressing the biomimetic knowledge contained inside.


Denver, Colorado, USA

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    2015 Design Award Category Winner