Security Sat

Challenged by their technology and security company client to create a space that would change the way people work and relate to each other, the design team broke from tradition and created new ways of connecting. The central idea of the project was sparked by the spontaneity of a freehand sketch made at an early client meeting. They created a series of interconnected spaces, each with its own design story of colors, heights, material and transparency. Multi-directional carpeted paths of Hexagon Linear Shift, Hexagon Plane mix with the movement of Flutter and In Flight tile, forming an organically horizontal system. It’s a contemporary network of efficient relationships with areas for work, relaxation, conversation, technology, food, and play. Graphic elements converse with inhabitants, surprising the user at each moment and making their routine fun. The project has produced an unprecedented change in the corporate culture and state-of-mind, where the workspace is entertaining and creativity is celebrated.


Santiago, Chile

Design Firm



  • Small Office
  • Collection


    Products Used

    linear shift hexagon
    plane hexagon
    angle tile


    2015 Design Award Category Winner