Shore Hotel

Replacing two aging Santa Monica motels, both within walking distance of the beach and Third Street Promenade, the Shore Hotel completes the profile of the city’s scenic oceanfront street with a contemporary design that adds moderately priced rooms to the market. A central courtyard provides beach views, improves the pedestrian experience, and relates to the park across the street. The vision was to use the natural landscape and vibrant urban life to blend the two while taking in the beauty of the sea and embracing the pedestrian activities of the area. A metal-clad trellis over the street side of the courtyard unifies the two wings of the main building and creates a sense of urban place, an outdoor living room. In an effort to increase pedestrian activity and provide urban continuity, retail space faces both Ocean Avenue and 2nd Street. Lobby walls are sandstone, a wavy grey color that resembles sand and pays tribute to the beach. Materials used on the exterior of the building include stainless steel, composite wood panels, glass, concrete, and plaster. Above, floor-to-ceiling glass sliders and glass balcony railings maximize transparency. Wooden panels, arranged as partitions for privacy between room balconies, accent the streamlined design and bring warmth to the exterior.


Santa Monica, California, USA

Design Firm



  • Guest Rooms
  • Hospitality
  • Public Spaces
  • Awards/Certifications

    2012 Design Award Final Winner

  • LEED Certified
  • LokDOTS

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    Rule the Floor

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