The client occupies 70,000 square feet of office space in the Singapore Post Centre. In order to accommodate new functions such as e-commerce into Singapore’s main domestic and international postal service provider, the office had to facilitate better customer experience, simplified processes, and connectivity. Collectively, the firms were commissioned to update the workplace to ensure that the 680 client’s employees can provide the best service possible. Designers created polygonal shapes made up of intersecting lines to symbolize connectivity between the different facets of the growing business. The result is a space that could easily adapt to users’ needs and be used to create ideas, motivate staff and bring them together. The area is divided into two main areas – front of house and back of house. An efficient layout system was created by applying the neighborhood / modules concept to the office. Every path is clearly marked while each workstation has its own the essential support spaces, as well as room to grow organically. Given the high ceiling, the office space has the feeling of openness and maximizes the use of natural sunlight. Through its redesign, the refreshed client office now provides employees a comfortable yet chic industrial space that enables connectivity and collaboration.

The design of the carpet floor was specially chosen to reflect the company's branding and nature of work. The red and blue accents reflect the client’s corporate colours, which are expressed as long rectangular shapes that also suggest the patterning of a traditional ‘airmail’ envelope. Grouped together to form a linear ‘train track’ that runs along the main arteries of the workplace, these shapes add dynamism to the office atmosphere.


Singapore Post Centre, Singapore

Design Firm

SCA Design (a member of the ONG&ONG Group); ONG&ONG Pte Ltd


  • Large Office
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    Color At Work

    Products Used

    saturate tile
    value tile


    2017 Design Award Category Winner