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Looking to highlight their commitment to design and expand their presence in Phoenix, this client looked to the firm for help designing an efficient and expressive work environment that speaks to the companies evolving brand, collaborative culture and commitment to the industry. Understanding the core fundamentals of the project’s current work model was integral in ensuring the office works efficiently; while still planning for future needs. The project’s design of the new 9700 sf engineering and pre-construction hub creates a dynamic environment using a foundation of direct design strategies. A large open office allows for various work modes and diverse settings; including individual desk, public work tables and group breakout spaces. This office core integrates technology and multiple writable surfaces to promote open, visual collaboration. A large glass-fronted conference room, with operable wall systems, creates a highly flexible training and meeting center as an active backdrop to reception. The relationship between the project and the firm strengthened with each team challenging one another throughout the process. The largest challenge, and goal achieved, was the introduction of a new private suite entry. This development allows for a cohesive future expansion and a true “destination” for project's clientele.  

The firm specified two Shaw products in the space. From a technical stance, product was chosen for its role in the sustainable, performance and maintenance considerations of the project. Not only was product content a key component, but product durable/wear was a strong attribute in the final decision. The two product also played a very strong role in the overall design concept of the office, but each product in a very different manner. Lana was selected for a custom rug at the new reception area. The subdued, yet highly textural, aesthetic was an excellent feature material and added a great layer of warmth to juxtapose the sealed concrete it lay upon. Tangle modular tile was selected as an energetic backdrop for a very simple, refined finish palette. The product striation offered an excellent complimentary texture to other surface finishes, and use of the product in the open office, conference rooms and break out rooms created an excellent connecting visual from space to space.

Working within a current space required the firm and engineering consultant to employ sustainable strategies for systems re-use and upgrades. It is the practice of this firm to provide systems that satisfy the functional requirements of the users, are energy efficient, sustainable and easily maintained. A primary objective of the project was to provide a flexible design that allows for the maximization of “the open office” square-footage throughout the life of the project, while utilizing existing equipment where necessary. Existing VAV and WSHP units where re-located for maximum performance and maintenance convenience within the new office floor plate. Through effective planning, the design also ensured natural daylight was able to reach every room of the suite. In addition to enhanced user comfort and productive; this allowed the team to effectively pair an LED lighting package with occupancy sensors to target the lighting power density below the ASHRAE 90.1 baseline. From a tactile design approach, materiality played a large role in the sustainable effort. The design team’s refined finished palette allowed them to select environmentally conscious options including low VOC paint, 35+% recycled carpet tile, re-use of existing concrete and the highlight finish; untreated reclaimed barn wood. Creative and direct decisions allowed the firm to create a sustainable environment through a balance of exiting re-use and new introductions.


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    2017 Design Award Category Winner