Steelcase WorkCafe

For project inspiration, Shimoda Design Group called upon three specific ideas. Refresh the Steelcase Global Headquarters for their 100-year anniversary, refurbishing a 1983 cafeteria and converting three large training rooms into a 23,000 square foot cafeteria. Integrate food and work through a palette of place and posture, integrating work place around the social aspects of food. Nourish the connection between local and global, taking advantage of the local bounty of West Michigan seasoned with the tastes of a global company. Together, the two food centers, a cafeteria servery and a nourishment beverage bar become a real time connection for all employees.


Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Design Firm

Shimoda Design Group


  • Midsize Office
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    Products Used

    blur tile


    2012 Design Award Final Winner