The Coca-Cola Company IT Center of Excellence

The design team embraced the client’s goal of an environment to inspire employee happiness, reflect the magic of the brand and lean forward in all aspects of technology, collaboration and mobility. Branding elements, expressive furniture, color and architecture tell the Coca-Cola story. Appealing refreshment stations throughout the facility invite everyone to “enjoy a Coke and a smile.” Teaming areas and heads-down space support dynamic work styles. Collaborative pagodas done in red, felt panels mimic drink coolers, while integrated technology and robust wireless make this a truly fluid place. On the Edge carpet conveys happiness and energy, serving a secondary function of zoning different venues and creating scale within a large footprint. Horizontal Edge and Vertical Edge add a sense of energy and activity resonating in pagodas, conference and huddle rooms. The creation of unique patterns with plank carpet contributes to the continuity of propelling activity, engagement, and productive work throughout. The execution behind the design serves a greater purpose, an invigorating workspace with the same feeling of goodwill that’s bottled in the refreshing products of their brand.


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Design Firm



  • Large Office
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    On The Edge

    Products Used

    vertical edge tile
    horizontal edge tile
    classical tile