The Marq

These chic student apartments feature smartly tailored yet informal common areas, perfect for studying, relaxing or meeting new friends.

The client was most concerned about overall wear for years to come as the project is a Student Housing Leasing and Amenity Center.

Shaw's flooring products made the space, especially in the leasing center where the usually solid and secondary carpet colors came together for a show-stopping pattern that instantly recognizes the client.

This project featured and existing student housing high rise in desperate need of a remodel for the lobby/leasing areas and student amenity spaces, of course on a tight budget. The new branding for the property featured slightly retro elements with graphic patterns and designs. We wanted to play off of that with an impactful flooring at the main leasing area, where future residents enter in first. The saturation and natural look of the Uncommon Ground LVT allowed other colors and accents to pop, while hiding traffic wear in the student amenity spaces.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Design Firm

Kelle Contine Interior Design


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    Uncommon Ground

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    Uncommon Ground 6"