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The UMC emergency department serves more than 120,000 patients each year in dedicated areas for adults and children. This emergency department continually receives accolades for quick response time and qualitative care by the Joint Commision, The American Heart Association and the Society for Chest Pain Centers for exceptional outcomes in the treatment of heart attack and stroke patients. In this fast-paced medical environment, there is no room for downtime or flooring failure. The emergency department observation and fast-track unit offers an acute level of care; patients are here for less than 24 hours before either being sent home or admitted to the hospital. During recent renovations of this area, Ed Vance & Associates Architects in Las Vegas carefully considered the remodel challenges inherent to the existing structure, including the lack of daylight and outdated finishes. The design created an open space layout with an updated aesthetic that provides a sense of warmth, calmness and serenity in an environment that might typically be a cause for anxiety. The firm knew that failure of any architectural finishes in the space was not permissible and would risk patient comfort and care efficiency in the emergency department. The design was inspired by Nevada’s natural landscape and reflects the existing hospital branding with similar color tones, finishes, and textures.

The firm chose Shaw Contract Unveil direct-glue, 30 mil LVT for the renovation. The high-performance luxury plank features an ExoGuard™ top-coat technology that enhances long-term appearance retention and reduces total cost of ownership. With exceptional cleanability and resistance to scratching, Unveil performs in this demanding space, from heavy rolling loads to foot fall.

Three Unveil colors add contrast and way-finding to different care zones within the department. The unique striated visual creates a sense of movement and hides wear while remaining visually soothing to patients in this stressful environment. In emergency departments like UMC, time is money. The installation of polish-optional Unveil LVT eliminates the need for constant stripping and waxing in this demanding environment. This decrease in maintenance will stop the shutdown of one of the nation’s busiest emergency departments, allowing daily activities to continue. Not only does this provide a safer patient care environment, it equates to reduction in lost revenue and allows maintenance staff to focus on other activities within the hospital.


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