Willows Hotel and Spa

The project is the exclusive third phase in a series of developments started eight years ago at Viejas Casino. The original design started with carved themed boulders conveying a rustic feel. Like a stone tumbling through a stream, each phase has further evolved the architecture in a honed approach – now revealing a sophisticated connection to the natural elements in a clean, elegantly detailed expression. The spa portion of the project informed the refinement of raw features, blending rough, textured stone to an elegant smooth lightness. The firm was inspired by the surrounding Alpine valley, integrating nature with the abstract interpretation of the landscape – capturing both the larger valley topography and detailed leaf cellular pattern in various interior elements throughout the project. The geometric patterns are a thread to the past, while maintaining a sense of organic movement. The juxtaposition of organic textures versus geometric meandering themes is consistent throughout.

Shaw carpet is highlighted in public spaces, such as the business center (Fault Element Platinum), and 158 guest room suites (Custom Pattern.) The business center carpet pattern mirrors other sculptural natural elements, including the layering and balance of colors, shapes, and textures. The linear yet organic corrugations echo the exterior stone striations that blend between exterior and interior. The guestroom geometric carpet pattern reflects other artisan detailing – light fixtures, fabric and wallcoverings textures– all referencing organized patterns found in surrounding nature. The broken irregular form adds an artful organic facet to the overall impression.


Alpine, California, USA

Design Firm

IGroup Design


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