Your Housing HQ Fit Out

Designing with the intention of making inhabitants feel right at home, the team developed a flexible, multi-use space. Customers mix with staff for trainings in the Academy, which features a coffee bar, informal meeting spaces, relaxation areas, private booths for quiet discussions and an external terrace. Hexagonal carpet tiles lead from place to place. For staff, the office area is based around a plug-and-play concept of flexibility. Modules are outfitted with workstations, meeting tables and cozy, high-backed sofas. On the floor, large-scale pixelated carpet maps the office area, taking color cues from satellite images of Your Housing locations. Domestic finishes are used throughout, adding a residential feel.


Warrington, United Kingdom

Design Firm

5plus Architects Limited


  • Midsize Office
  • Collection

    Light Series

    Products Used

    visible tile
    absorbed tile
    applied tile
    tru colours tile
    bevel hexagon


    2015 Design Award Category Winner