How to get started using the Inside Shapes Design Tool

May 2, 2019

We’re seeing some fantastic designs from the sweepstakes that celebrate all the possibilities in our new Inside Shapes Design Tool. If you’re having trouble getting started, refer to these tips below:

Select one of the pre-made “idea starters” to help jump start your creativity. By taking an existing design and simply recoloring or modifying, you begin to create your very own unique design.

Choose shapes from Square, Point, Curve or Diagonal and from there, the options are endless. The design tool allows you to choose color repeat, pattern cycle and contrast, all the way down to function and aesthetic.

Here are some additional tips to ensure your designs can be shared and utilized.

Design Software

Download your design at three different qualities to fit your needs from sharing via email with a client to rendering in VR or mapping into a photo-realistic rendering. You can configure your Inside Shapes design into your project design files using the tools and software you already use.

With your account you can easily save designs for all the projects you are working on so you can come back to them later or create multiple versions of a design.


The tool calculates your estimated inventory in real time. This inventory is the material you need to order to create your design, not just what was used in the actual design. It rounds up to the next box size (12 full tiles per box). It is important to keep in mind how Inside Shapes works. If you use Point, Curve or Diagonal in two colors you will receive two pieces of each color for a total of four pieces. Your inventory will tell you what to order and your install key will tell you how to install it.

Order Inventory and products used in your design become more important as the design becomes larger. For example, if you only use one half of each color you are only using 50% of what you order. We do not advise this. You can see this in the two examples below:



Inside Shapes also makes interesting rugs with fun edges. You can design these by using the tool "Null Color" that lets you place only half of a tile at a time. This way you are able to leave portions around the outside edge blank for a unique shape. Keep in mind how this may impact your inventory.

When you design a floorscape using the Inside Shapes Design Tool, share your designs with us on Instagram using hashtag #ShawShapesSweepstakes for a chance to win a custom TID watch with the Inside Shapes logo, now through May 10.

For more information on the Inside Shapes Design Tool, visit