Color and the Built Environment

November 28, 2018

Color and the Built Environment

The impact of color in our inhabited spaces has a profound, subliminal effect on how we process and interact with the world, others and ourselves. As students of design, we understand that the colors we choose for a designed space are emblematic of a mood, a culture or an intended outcome. How does this shade of gray make our patients feel when they’re in a healing environment? Which shade of blue brings luxurious calm to a hospitality environment?

Architects and Interior Designers have less time than they ever have for researching materials, trends and for “looking around the corner.” The constant pressure of the billable project hour, as well as maintaining Continuing Education hours for professional development, leave little room for stepping back and taking a broader view of the world we co-create from project-to-project.

ColorConnect, our latest CEU, is an internally researched design forecast that examines the way we absorb and reflect influences from the world, our communities and ourselves through the lens of color, as we consider how the spaces we create affect the choices we make. The CEU is divided into four “Chapters,”— Self, Earth, Creativity and Community.

ColorConnect is a resource and a tool, to help inspire the minds that will shape our future places. Take a look at trends in color, how color both reflects and shapes human behavior and fulfill a CEU credit while you learn.

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