Infection Control

Infection control is a primary concern within Healthcare settings and the focus of Environmental Service staff across acute care settings worldwide. Some areas require flooring that can provide superior infection control, while other areas may need flooring to be adaptable to a facility’s changing needs. While flooring is identified by the CDC as a low touch surface, in these areas of care, we understand the importance of finishes that can be easily cleaned and disinfected on demand and frequently, while maintaining a beautiful appearance and meeting maintenance budgets. We have always focused on maintenance instructions as a part of the delivery of our products. 

Routine and proper maintenance is the foundation for a clean and safe floor and we provide detailed instructions to guide you through this process, while providing expert support to help define the best maintenance protocol for your unique needs.


Shaw Contract offers a variety of solutions that can meet these demands, while offering a flooring product that creates a comfortable and serene environment for patients. Our approach is about solutions for the problems you are trying to solve and understanding the larger goal for your project.

  1. Homogeneous Sheet 
  2. Heterogeneous Sheet
  3. Bio-Based Sheet


Flooring provides critical support for the environments where we heal.