Haven Brings the Feelings of Warmth and Softness of Home to the Contract Market

Shaw Contract, a design leader in commercial flooring solutions and surfaces, is pleased to introduce Haven , a collection of modular carpet tiles designed to add the comforts and familiarity of a residential space to the contract market drawing inspiration from the singular qualities we associate with home – comfort, well-being, warmth, softness, and a profound sense of place.


Traditional wisdom tells us there’s no place like home. It’s a universal truth. But what if home was not simply a place but a state of mind? The Haven collection recasts home as a mood, an idea, a quality of comfort and familiarity that feeds our instinctual desire to feel grounded in the world. Haven utilizes color, texture, and pattern to conjure the warmth of home in all the places where we connect with colleagues and friends. By blurring old distinctions between domestic and commercial space, Haven embraces a more nuanced understanding of how we live today – finding home wherever our creativity and passion take us. Haven responds to the current design trends for an agile approach, for mixing materials and embedding a sense of comfort in all the places where we work, gather, learn and play.

According to design forecasts for the Interior Design Industry, spaces are required to be more flexible in every sector as flexibility, connectivity and creativity are recognized as the key factors not just to productivity in the workplace and education but also to in the successful creation of new hospitality spaces.

In design and construction, Haven evokes the supple textures of a favorite sweater or a graceful woven fabric. The collection’s inviting color palette blends sophisticated neutrals with colorways of apricot, mint, and rosewood to create an impression of both subtlety and substance. The six distinct patterns in the Haven line are similarly understated and versatile. Familiar , Honest and Identity embody the collection’s textile inspiration and emotional connection to home. Nest , Dwelling , and Shelter have more subtle, uniform patterns that bring tactile construction and a woven sensibility to the forefront.

The collection is comprised of two distinct products – running line carpet tiles and custom carpet tiles. Haven's running line carpet tiles provide the tools to create a specific sense of place in an endless array of settings. Familiar, Honest and Identity embody the collection's textile inspiration and emotional connection to home. Nest, Dwelling and Shelter have more subtle, uniform patterns that bring tactile construction and a woven sensibility to the forefront. In workplace, hospitality and education applications, these products are designed to complement one another, weaving a coherent narrative of color and pattern that is unique to the Haven collection. Haven's custom line has the versatility to create a unique mood or style statement tailored to the spirit of any project. As an alternative to traditional broadloom, the custom line is offered exclusively in carpet tile. The products are particularly well-suited for any application, affording endless possibilities for dramatic compositions. Building off thirteen styles, designers can customize pattern and color and specify additional features such as Shaw's EcoLogix backing.

Supporting Shaw Contract’s ongoing sustainability efforts, the Haven collection is Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified™ and contributes credits toward LEED certification.

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