Shaw Contract Introduces New Solution for Healthcare Interiors

Shaw Contract, a design leader in commercial flooring solutions and surfaces, is pleased to introduce Terrace LVT , a resilient flooring collection featuring 12” x 24” LVT tiles and a fresh abstract pattern that evokes a sense of peace and restfulness. Soft and organic in nature, Terrace boasts a calming color palette with subtle metallics offering designers a wide range of durable solutions for healthcare interiors.

As part of the Terasu collection, the Terrace LVT colorways coordinate with the Reed, Roji and Tatami sheet styles in the Shaw Contract portfolio. All four products can be combined to create wayfinding and delineate  space,  or  Terrace  can  be  installed  alone  to  make  an  individual statement. The subtle metallic accents and embossing add visual dimension that, in addition to a  beautiful  aesthetic,  enhances  durability  and  ease  of  maintenance.


“We are excited about the Terrace LVT collection which takes biophilic design to the next level,” explains Ashley Ginn, Design Director of the Community Studio for Shaw Contract. “In addition to contributing to the beauty of a space, the fresh colors and soft visual textures also have a positive influence on a patient’s perception of a space – making it feel larger and more relaxing.”

Drawing inspiration from the foliage and meditative practices of Zen gardens, the soft line work of Terrace LVT contributes to the calming and restorative visuals that help staff, visitors and patients maintain a sense of peace and tranquility in healthcare environments. Manufactured with Shaw Contract’s patented ExoGuard+™ protectant that provides a barrier against scuffing and staining with a durable 20 mil wear layer that protects the integrity of the visual in high traffic commercial settings.