Smarter Impact: A New Mindset and Vision



Living in a time of increasing choices and possibilities made answering this question even more important. Our brand refresh was born out of a need to have an answer to this question. We know that purpose-driven companies have 4X the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of companies in the S&P 500 Consumer Sector. Generating a vision that connects us all enables us to better connect with our clients, and it empowers them to choose Shaw Contract. It also connects us to each other, as colleagues teammates and collaborators. We would have to be smarter about what we offer and deliver, and - perhaps even more importantly - how we promote and sell it. We need to create a Smarter Impact as individuals and as a company.

This project started about two years after interviewing key stakeholders across our business. Today, we have a new toolkit of elements which create a framework for how we express ourselves as a brand. We have benefited from the input, help, excitement and development of both our internal teams, external partners and clients. We will continue to build on this foundation as we test, measure and work with these new elements.

So what has changed?

To deliver our brand vision, we needed some new visual ingredients to help us do that. How do we empower our people to communicate beyond product and connect more with our clients and end-users? We started with a new vision, one we call Smarter Impact. That vision is made of words, but how does this come to life on a daily basis? We needed to think about different aspects of the many things which make up the entire identity of our brand.

We refreshed our logo to build a system that could branch out into consistent, clear and differentiated communications.

We took ownership over our name visually, and built a new logo to be bolder, more concise and friendly, while still keeping us familiar.

We answered the importance of being solution-driven, segment-focused and individualized with our audiences, developing logo configurations for each of our segments, which will give way to rich, segment-specific communications and collaterals.

We have selected a knowledge-driven, human-centric and optimistic color palette which enables us to enliven our brand collaterals and gives us room to be more creative in all we deliver.

We have crafted a tone and voice, and committed to some best-practices, so we know what a knowledge-driven, human-centric and optimistic Shaw Contract sounds like.

We build on the power of imagery as a rich medium for communicating about product, and also showing the context of our product in real spaces, taking ample opportunity to build the content and tell stories about the inspiration and process behind our design team’s work, which in turn inspire our clients.

We have new tools for our teams to work with that empower their decisions and give a framework for our work.

What hasn’t changed?

Who we are. This project began with hearing different voices, and it will continue to as we build, recalibrate, evolve and grow. We’ve worked to highlight all the goodness in the voices, actions and spirit present in all that makes Shaw Contract who it is with an eye to who we want to be in the future.

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