Style: 5T411

Divvy Tile

Collection: all access

Size: 24 in x 24 in | 61 cm x 61 cm

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  • Traverse


Color: Trot 12500

All Access walk off tiles create a transition from outdoors to interiors to protect your investment. Taking its design cues from our best selling Diffuse style, Divvy Tile blends seamlessly with other patterns, a flexible choice that works in every entryway.

  • Extending the Life of Your Floor

    Extending the Life of Your Floor

    The TRSA estimates that more than 80% of the dust and dirt found in commercial spaces is tracked indoors on shoes. Testing has shown that 12-15 feet of entryway carpet will remove 90% of the soil from the bottom of shoes, protecting your flooring investments.
  • Reduce Soil, Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Reduce Soil, Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Entryway carpet can significantly reduce the amount of dirt, bacteria, pesticides and other toxins brought indoors from the outside. LEED-EB recommends using entryway systems as a way to improve indoor air quality.
  • Safety and Slip Fall Risks

    Safety and Slip Fall Risks

    Entryway carpet can remove up to 90% of soil and water from shoes, reducing the amount of dirt to clean indoors and reducing the risk of slips and falls due to wet flooring.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

    Reduce Maintenance Costs

    In just under three weeks 1,000 people can track 24 pounds of soil into a space resulting in an average cleaning cost of $14,400. Reduce your maintenance costs by adding entryway carpet to catch dirt and grime before it catches up with your wallet.
  • Cradle to Cradle

    Cradle to Cradle

    Designed and assessed for environmental and social responsibility across material health, material reuse, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.
  • Collection: all access
  • Style: Divvy Tile 5T411
  • Size: 24 in x 24 in | 61 cm x 61 cm
  • Type: entryway carpet tile
  • Backing: EcoWorx® Tile
  • Fiber: Eco Solution Q® Nylon
  • Tufted Weight: 30 oz/yd² | 1017.2 g/m²
  • Area per carton: 48 ft² | 4.46 m²
  • Warranty(s): Lifetime Commercial Limited warranty
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