Design is Perspective

Our designers studied, sketched and photographed the building of Bilbao, Spain, from different angles. An exploration of color, the palette was inspired by the rich velet patina of the opera house juxtaposed with sleek steel and glass of the modern buildings. They accentuated shapes and layered these with photography to define the space in their own perspective. With a window light source, they experimented with acetate transparencies, layering and manipulating the sheets to form Composite. 

Make Your Mark

Experiment. Customize. Visualize. In Foundry, it's our carpet designed your way.


Form Perspective

City block. Structured study. Layered experimentation. Watch the story behind the Composite collection


John Crews
Q&A in HD Magazine

The Shaw Hospitality Lifestyle Studio Manager talks our newest carpet innovation-Canvas and how this technology will continue to push the boundaries of hospitality carpet design.