Mix + Mingle

Inspired by natural materials, each style and colorway creates a palette of neutrals and colors that work together throughout your environment. This collection’s aesthetics are a soothing, unassuming fit, delivering a classic aesthetic with updated maintenance. Compound + Cast have built in protection from wear within high traffic areas by pairing a 20 mil wear layer with ExoGuard+™ topcoat. No polishing requirements means a reduction in overall maintenance time and costs.

Compound was created to showcase subtle beauty marks that mimic the look of concrete, making each installation beautiful and unique.

Cast was born from curious play of aggregate materials, much like the appearance of age-old Terrazzo. Through exploration of mixing and molding plaster, cement and resin, a resilient version of a classic material was born.


Tried + True

Resilient and carpet live harmoniously throughout commercial environments. Each style is offered in both a 2.5mm and 5mm thickness. The 2.5mm thick profile works alongside a variety of existing resilient collections, ensuring you can transition visuals of similar thicknesses throughout your space. The 5mm thick profile works alongside carpet tile for smooth transitions throughout your space— no transition strip needed.

Compound + Cast can be installed separately or together. Colors of Compound are combined within the aggregate visual of Cast, ensuring you have a palette of options within a single collection. This complementary collection can be used in a wide variety of environments, from workplace lobbies, retail establishments, healthcare corridors, and school commons spaces.