When it looks good and does good. When it makes you want to be a better person inhabiting a better world. When it's Eco Solution Q on top, EcoWorx underneath and carbon neutral throughout. When it's a cradle-to-cradle collaboration between William McDonough and Shaw Contract. 

Behold Essay of Clues. A design exploration of McDonough's aerial abstractions of the world, and a belief that great design should do us all some serious good - be it a city, a building, or a carpet. 

"We are working on the design of communities and begin with what we call the 'Essay of Clues'. We look at things like the sun, the wind, the water, the biologicial history and the culture of the site. Then we imagine that we are birds that evolved for that place and we look down and wonder what we wish to see. And then we get underground and look up and imagine we are a bacterium or a bug or a worm and we imagine what we'd like to see. Then we evolve the design." - William McDonough