Step into a space designed to engage, evolve and revitalize the senses. Regenerative design influences this system-led collection with organic and textural aesthetics. Living Systems mirrors nature, responds to be adaptive, transforms outlooks and co-creates a living system for all interior spaces.

Harmonious Design

The collection features seven styles in three different core patterns and two Quick Ship styles. Observe, Respond and Transform offer a full range of neutrals, while Observe Color, Respond Color and Transform Color interject a spectrum of vivid colors into the three core patterns of the collection. Endless, a saturated near solid, integrates the collection’s palette seamlessly.

Boundless and Source, both small-scale Quick Ship patterns, complement the entire Living Systems collection and its coordinating colorpoint styles. With integral patterns and colors, designers have a variety of choices to create aesthetic cohesion throughout the built environment.

Create Organic Progression

Living Systems is designed to create subtle shifts in color gradation and build pattern scale across the floor. The system’s integral patterns and colors can be combined and recombined, giving an endless variety of choices to create aesthetic cohesion in your space.