The Impact of Sound

Sound layers build our experiences in the places where we work, play and rest—footsteps; a phone ringing; colleagues chatting or the steps of the hotel guest above your room. Many sounds are unavoidable. With Soundscape, designers can create a sonic environment that reduces sound and encourages positive emotional and physical responses in a space.

Soundscape is a new innovation that pairs LVT in wood visual planks with acoustic backing underneath to absorb and stop sound from traveling—a human-centered solution for private and public spaces.

Impact Insulation Class (IIC)

An IIC (Impact Insulation Class) rating references how well a flooring material reduces impact sounds. When we step across a floor, drop an object or move something across the floor, the movement and impact creates sound vibrations that can travel through the floor, subfloor and ceiling of the room below.

Soundscape decreases sound impact by 35% when compared to a standard 2.5 mm thick LVT. To hear the impact, visit