Enhanced Cleaning + Disinfecting

As companies begin to think about how to transition people back into the workplace, Shaw Contract is thinking about it too - both for our own employees and the clients that we have been privileged to serve. We design and manufacture carpet, hardwood and resilient products and we believe our floors give foundation to space and support for people within it. We have floored hundreds of thousands of spaces across the world, sharing our human-centered approach that combines mind, hand and heart to make a Smarter Impact for our clients in all that we do. This mission is forefront in our minds as we all prepare to return to the spaces where we collaborate, learn, heal, live and relax.

We have always focused on maintenance instructions as a part of the delivery of our products. And, during these changing times, we recognize that many will explore the use of alternative products for interim cleaning and disinfection. We are looking to experts, innovators and science for guidance on making the best recommendations for the function, appearance and long-term life of your floor.

Routine and proper maintenance is the foundation for a clean floor and we provide detailed instructions to guide you through this process. The CDC maintains a list of registered products that can be used for enhanced cleaning procedures including disinfecting. While these products have been approved by the EPA, many products on the list may not be suitable to preserve the long term appearance or performance of your flooring product. We are actively working to identify products on this list that when used in accordance with their instructions, result in no color or finish loss for resilient or fiber degradation and color loss for carpet.