Season 2 of the Once Upon a Project podcast, proudly brought to you by Shaw Contract, explores the narratives of creating the spaces we inhabit with the designers who dreamed them up. Join in each month as host AJ Paron, EVP and Design Futurist of SANDOW Design Group, uncovers the intricacies of turning interior design visions into reality.

This season’s premiere episode features the Hip Hop Architect, Mike Ford. Hear how the elements of Hip Hop create inspiration and how his philosophy comes to life in product design with the award-winning carpet collection, Mike Ford + Shaw Contract.

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Designers everywhere are finding new ways to bring people back to the office while keeping productivity high. In this episode, dive into two groundbreaking projects that redefined creativity and pushed the boundaries of practicality and thoughtful design.

Hear the story behind designing a 1-million-square-foot Nike World Headquarters building that set out to change and inspire how a legacy brand and thousands of employees work.

Discover a unique SoHo storefront, an elevated wellness destination. Explore how a vintage look and playful signage can exude a modern vibe, turning a locker room ambiance into a luxurious experience, all with a nod to hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

Join A.J. Paron for an exclusive peek into the innovative design journey of the family circuit court in Orlando, Florida, crafted by architect Jose Jordan of DLR Group, where every element, from tactile materials to vibrant colors, is meticulously curated to foster a sense of security and positive change.

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