Ensuring Every Welcome is Memorable

In Hospitality, brands are built from the floor up. Our clients turn to us for custom solutions that create a distinctive visual aesthetic for their brand, while providing a clean, quiet stay for their guests. Because every situation is unique, we have designers who are dedicated to working closely with clients to develop tailored solutions to suit any requirement. Our expertise at understanding the particular needs of each client has resulted in loyal partnerships. We are known for excellent customer service and an unrivaled breadth of product.

Tailored to Suit

Hospitality design must answer the needs of host and guest alike, striking a balance between identity and atmosphere. The immediate impact as you enter a new space can signal a fresh adventure, a moment to relax or the comfort of returning to a familiar space with flooring designs that welcome, that evoke as sense of wellbeing and that create a sense of place, nuanced by location. Shaw Hospitality aims to make the floor part of a memorable guest experience.

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A Custom Design Perspective

Hospitality is reflected through the prism of design as memorable, visually stunning spaces that represent some of the finest talents working in interior design and architecture today. We provide custom flooring solutions to work in harmony with cutting-edge visions of every aspect of hospitality.

Custom designs add a powerful extra dimension to hospitality environments, creating impactful experiences for the guests who visit your space. Hospitality design uses mixed materials to indicate moments of rest and action by blending texture, color and patterns, all while adhering to your brand’s aesthetic vision. Shaw Contract designs for both sophistication and simplicity.

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