We believe that even one small thing can make a big impact. When considering the safety of our products, everything matters. We evaluate each component to ensure the health and safety of this generation, and generations to come. 

Going beyond Declare registration and Health Product Declarations,Cradle to Cradle CertificationCM is the most comprehensive material health assessment. As a Cradle to Cradle Silver CertifiedCM product, our carpet products have been assessed, and is continually being optimized to ensure it poses no known or suspected threat to humans or the environment.

What—Really—Is the Cost of Doing Business?

Shaw Commercial Hard Surface resilient products can cost nearly one-half less than typical VCT (or any competitive product requiring polish) over the life of the floor.

To compare the life cycle of our products with leading competitors, enter the installed and/or maintenance prices in the boxes below.

Competitive Product

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SHS Polish Optional Resilient

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Installed Price
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Year 20
SCHS polish optional resilient
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Shaw has helped inform and publicize the mindful MATERIALS initiative, an open source transparency documentation tool for the design industry. Our work together and your promotion of MINDFUL MATERIALS is truly fueling its adoption. Together we can change the built environment. Thanks for your commitment to sustainability.

-Nancy Hulsey, HKS