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We know that safety is top of mind in this current environment. Shaw Pure Liquid is a safe*, hospital-type disinfection solution for the places you heal, learn, rest, and work.


How to Activate

Watch this video to learn how to activate Shaw Pure Liquid.

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How to Use

Watch this video tutorial about how to use Shaw Pure Liquid disinfectant.

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Shaw Pure Liquid

Each environment presents its own challenges. It’s important to equip yourself with a chemistry that's suitable for a wide variety of needs including deodorization, disinfection and fungicide control. Shaw Pure Liquid is a 3 in 1 solution that can do it all.

-152CA - Shaw Pure™ Initial Starter Kit

5 Gallon Container, (3) 32 oz Black Spray Bottle, (12) 0.84 oz Liquid Disinfectant-Fungicide Packets, (1) 2-Gallon Sprayer, Test Strips, and User Guide

-158CA - Shaw Pure™ Liquid Disinfection/Deodorizer Kit - Small

(6) 32 oz Spray Bottles, (6) .042 oz Packets and User Guide

-153CA - Shaw Pure Liquid 1 QT Packet

12 packs per case (for use with 32oz spray bottle)

Each packet makes 32 oz, case makes approximately 2.5 gallons

-154CA - Shaw Pure Liquid 1 Gallon Packet

12 packs per case (for use with 1-gallon container)

Each packet makes 1 gallon, case makes 12 gallons

-155CA - Shaw Pure Liquid 5 Gallon Packet

12 packs per case (for use with 5-gallon container)

Each packet makes 5 gallons, case makes 60 gallons

Shaw Pure Liquid Accessories

Reduce your carbon footprint with smart accessories. Shaw Pure Liquid containers can be reused and do not require special handling for disposal.

-148CA - Shaw Pure Liquid 32 oz Black Spray Bottle

3 bottles per case

-157CA - Shaw Pure Liquid 1 Gallon Container

One 1-gallon bottle container to mix Shaw Pure Liquid in

-149CA - Shaw Pure Liquid 5 Gallon Container

One 5-gallon carboy container to mix Shaw Pure Liquid in

-150CA - Shaw Pure (50) Test Strips Lamotte CLO2

50 test strips per bottle

EPA Label
Ingredient Disclosure
Shaw Pure Liquid Overview
Safety Data Sheet | Reacted
Safety Data Sheet | Unreacted
User Guide

For more information call 1-877-502-7429.

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