Cushion and Underlayment

Cushion and underlayment technologies can drastically improve commercial environments by increasing underfoot comfort, changing the acoustic soundscape, lowering leg fatigue, and reducing the risks of slips and falls. Shaw Contract offers cushion and underlayment solutions for every project and price point.

EcoWorx® Carpet Tile

Premium polyethylene foam cushion underlayment for comfort underfoot and sound reduction in high-traffic environments.

Premium polyethylene foam cushion underlayment, performs with EcoWorx® carpet tile for comfort underfoot.

A breathable polyurethane carpet cushion that provides enhanced support and comfort to carpet in any commercial space.


Our sound absorbing, environmentally friendly acoustical flooring underlayment is designed for use with LVT.

A noise reduction underlayment engineered to reduce sound transmission within multi-level structures.

Engineered Hardwood

One of the most effective sound control and crack suppression underlayment used under hard surface floors.

Superior performance acoustical flooring underlayment with unsurpassed sound absorption properties.


A breathable polyurethane carpet cushion that provides enhanced support and comfort.

A premium recycled synthetic fiber cushion that provides underfoot comfort and exceptional stability.

Ideal in high-traffic areas for all broadloom types, other than EcoWorx® Performance Broadloom.

Value recycled synthetic fiber cushion that performs in high-traffic stretch-in broadloom applications.