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A continual loop from past to present — Art + Science is our revolutionary PVC-free resilient that is changing the way we think about hard surface performance and circularity.

Inspired by a variety of art movements and techniques from classic to modern and pop art, Curate explores a variety of pattern scale and color.

Inspired by the world outside your door and our collective desire to bring the outdoors inside, and all the ways you design spaces to with nature—not against it.

Poetic Form is inspired by poetry seen with the eye and felt with the heart. A collection of three timeless styles optimized for low-embodied carbon and are carbon neutral.

Texture Study — first carpet tile collection on our revolutionary PVC-free bio-based backing, EcoWorx® BIO. Reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing even an inch of performance.

Montage — a classic terrazzo visual — combines durability, stain resistance and ease of maintenance to meet the demands of commercial spaces where we learn, heal, work and live.

Our Promise

People Together, Planet Forever is our promise. Neutral is not enough is our call to action.