Our Pledge

We are living in times of urgent social and environmental change. As individuals, the design community & societies at large, we are questioning how we can create a better, fairer future. At the heart of Shaw Contract we design products and solutions that positively impact people and planet.


People Together, Planet Forever

When we talk about sustainability, we join the causes of people and planet together - social and environmental concerns combined.

We are a human-centric, people-powered organization.

With an ambition for progress in every fiber of our beings. Time’s up on standing still; we need to be the change we need. So we don’t just stand, we walk forward with purpose and optimism. 


Points of Ambition

People and planet are fundamentally connected. Our social and environmental initiatives are inextricably linked.


All raw materials in EcoWorx® carpet tile are screened and assessed according to Cradle to Cradle® standards.

We design all products with the end in mind. From our Ecologix® backing, to our Reworx™ products, and our re[TURN]® reclamation program, we invite our customers to participate in the circular economy.

At Shaw Contract, we nurture an environment where every voice and perspective can be heard, with equal value placed on seen and unseen experiences.

At Shaw Contract, we recognize the importance of continuing to reduce the carbon impact of our products. 88% of our standard carpet tile styles are low embodied carbon and carbon neutral.