At Shaw Contract Hospitality, we dream of travel. Even dreamers need to be grounded, and our vast portfolio of flooring products serves as the foundation for all types of hospitality spaces, with infinite design possibilities. At Shaw Contract Hospitality, it's our pleasure to welcome you.​

ROAM | Arctic Escape

ROAM I Arctic Escape is inspired by the frost covered and icy landscapes of the polar tundra. Fields covered in glistening snow, cool tones, carved textures and organic patterns are designed in a variety of constructions to transport guests to a remote and relaxing wellness adventure akin to the arctic landscape. 

Explore ROAM | Arctic Escape

ROAM I Painted Desert is inspired by the desert landscape of the North American Southwest. Sun-drenched color, texture and organic patterns are designed in a variety of constructions to immerse guests in the calming vibration of the desert landscape.

Our design team traveled to the region of Oaxaca, Mexico to better understand what creates a vibrant culture rooted in rich traditions, community, and craft.

Indulge for a moment in a sensory journey that conjures up one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

Meet the Machine

At Shaw Contract Hospitality, we can bring your vision to life through our custom carpet capabilities. Welcome to our Meet the Machine series where we are doing a deep dive into our 7 different machine types. Watch to learn more.​

Hospitality Solutions

Transform concepts and ideas into unique flooring to fit your space. Our team takes a creative approach to designing one-of-a-kind, custom projects.  

Use Shaw Contract’s digital customization and visualization tool, Foundry, to explore colors and patterns for your next hospitality project.

Adhering to brand standards for hospitality owners and operators honors the aesthetic representation of its brand and its vision. 

The Concierge

At your service for bi-weekly hospitality design, courtesy of Shaw Contract Hospitality. Explore more about our topics below.​


Geographical Elements

We engaged with hospitality designers to uncover emerging trends in the industry. One trend highlighted by our designED attendees is the influence of geographical elements. By drawing inspiration from nature and the environment, our designers create spaces that are both sophisticated and grounded, offering guests an immersive and authentic experience. Discover more.