case study- floor architecture, a walk in the garden

Insurance company NN Group commissioned design firm MádiLáncos Studio to create an agile workspace for their offices. 

Budapest, Hungary



The client's brief was to create a homely, vibrant, colorful and inspiring environment with elements of nature within the office. To achieve this, a mix of collaborative and breakout areas were incorporated to create a flexible open-plan workspace with as many biophilic elements.

Various functional zones were highlighted through visually relaxed, bold-coloured furniture and flooring consisting of several types of organic, natural-textured carpet fields. An important aspect of the design is a canteen in the centre of the office that serves as both a relaxation and work café and adopts both carpet and LVT flooring.

Through our aligned dealer we supplied carpet tiles from Floor Architecture, A Walk In The Garden and Loose Lay LVT - Unite - part of our In Stock programme.


Size: 5930 sqm


Photos Credit: Babecz Ákos

A Walk In The Garden collection

Struck by the harmony of man-made surfaces in nature, Cradle to Cradle visionary William McDonough captured moments from a garden in China that inspired the way we make products to this day.