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Artistic flourish for a MNC elevator firm's office.

The client, an esteemed Fortune 500 global leader of the elevator industry wanted a exhibit space to highlight the company's branding. The plan for the new design center had to maintain high standards of sustainability, specifically LEED benchmarks.


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Design insight: Generate symmetry, transparency, and an innovative showcase


The design logically separated the service areas (namely, the lift and service blocks) and the central workspace.
Increased emphasis on both allowed for a smooth and uninterrupted workflow. The service space also gave employees plenty of locations for collaboration. 

The R&D section offered a sleek minimalist design, giving credibility to the mechanically innovative nature of the company.
The exhibit space offered a self-contained, multi-layered demonstration of the company’s brand and products, consisting a live-scale lift model, VR demonstration, and other impressive features.

A peerless & collaborative workspace

The sustainable design reduces annual energy and water consumption by 20% and 40% respectively, and improves overall ecological footprint by 15%.


Flooring blueprint: Giving prominence to each particular area.



Result: A state-of-the-art office that juxtaposes logical thinking and artistic flourishes

The result is a balance of style and uniformity. The branding colours and material palette enhanced positive vibes. 

The smooth layout created a hierarchy-less atmosphere for collaboration and creativity.

The sustainable design reduces annual energy and water consumption by 20% and 40% respectively. It also features a 10-15% improvement in the overall ecological footprint.

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