Design has the power to help build culture and connection by creating spaces that draw people together. The Cultura Collection is a celebration of the unique ways we connect ​and create harmony through shared experiences, empathy and understanding.

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ROAM | Painted Desert

The ROAM series of custom collections is inspired by the destinations where your projects come to life. Influenced by landscape, architecture, culture and community, each ROAM​ destination imagines a unique perspective that captures the essence of the places we roam.​ Welcome to ROAM | Painted Desert.

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Anthology is grounded in tradition, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of cultural and design influences. The collection artfully creates spaces that foster a sense of connection and community. Thoughtfully crafted around a unifying thread that connects the past, present, and future.

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2023 Design Awards

Best of Globe Winners Announced!

Connected Threads

Celebrating a foundation of materiality appreciation and reuse, every stitch and loop adds to our understanding of the threads that bind us. Create a sense of refinement with Connected Threads, a collection that pays tribute to the heritage of textile crafts. 

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Function + Flow

Beyond the boundaries of location and trends, classic styles inspire confidence with their timeless aesthetic. The Function + Flow LVT collection works in harmony as a foundation in any space. ​

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The Nordic LVT Collection combines commercial durability with the timeless appeal of Nordic design in a collection of 14 wood visuals. The Nordic 5mm LVT and 22mil wearlayer range features a stunning array of wood visuals that are reminiscent of the tranquil allure of the Nordic landscape.

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NeoCon 2023

Celebrating the intersection of design and culture. Crafted to positively impact people and planet, our NeoCon collections demonstrate how shared experiences bring people together and transcend differences. 

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We did it again!

Great Places to Work® Certified 2023

We are proud to announce that we have been certified as a Great Place to Work® for the second year, after a thorough, independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work Institute® Canada. This certification is based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience.


Connected Threads

Connected Threads showcases a large variety of fully customizable broadloom and carpet tile patterns that will work in harmony across hospitality spaces. With plush cut and loop construction, it lays the perfect foundation for a comfortable guest room experience or welcoming public space.

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