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Shaw Contract invites thought leaders from the global design community to tell their stories, share their passions and exchange ideas. Each conversation is an opportunity to speak, listen and make discoveries. Take a listen.


The Listening Room with Corgan, Atlanta

A culture that fosters a sense of belonging.



Inclusivity by Design

What does it mean to be inclusive? As part of the People In Place Series, Shaw Contract has launched Inclusivity by Design, a Pocket Guide created to inspire conversation and celebrate each other’s differences. In this Pocket Guide, we provide links to resources and inspiring projects that highlight and encourage inclusive design.


Mike Ford x Shaw Contract

Inclusivity with Mike Ford

Applying cultural curiosity and growing historical knowledge are small things that can make a big impact in design. ~ Faye Adams, Delta Faucet Company + Meredith Campbell, The Learning Objective.


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Hear From The Industry

Designing workplaces for “the average person” used to be philosophy aimed at satisfying most of the people, most of the time. But that also excluded a lot of people who didn’t fit the average. Read how Steelcase dives into designing for the new normal.

Inclusive design describes a constantly evolving process to produce solutions that empower each individual. Read how leaders in equity and inclusion share how to design better spaces that foster equitable and inclusive work experiences.

A Conversation with Eric M. Bailey, President & CEO of Bailey Strategic Innovation Group and author. Read how Forbes asks Eric how understanding the interplay of science, culture, behavior, and personal interactions can improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Hear from the co-directors of Gensler's Center for Research on Equity and the Built Environment as they talk DE&I and what lies ahead for our industry.

Listen in on the founder of The Valuable 500, Caroline Casey, as she speaks on starting an inclusion revolution in the workplace. Legally blind, she states why she says hiding her true self was so limiting and her insights into how to create more inclusive workplaces even when everyone’s needs are so different.

In this episode, presented by Delta Faucet Company, ThinkLab interviews designers Sequoyah Hunter-Cuyjet and Susie Wise on how to reimagine current design practices to be more inclusive and to redefine what makes good design.